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Attorney Anthony Abear has dedicated his legal career to serving the residents of Illinois – including Naperville – DuPage County, Will County and the surrounding towns and areas. He has focused his entire legal practice in the area of divorce and family law, helping people in and around Naperville, IL with a wide range of family law matters.

Naperville was founded in 1831 and developed into the third-largest city in Illinois. Located in DuPage County and Will County of Illinois, Naperville is a wonderful place to live. You can learn more about Naperville by CLICKING HERE.


Attorney Abear and all of the lawyers at the Abear Law Offices are committed to provided knowledgeable, professional, personalized service. If you’re facing divorce or need assistance with another family law matter, you can schedule a consultation right now to learn more about how we can help.

Every client is unique. At the Abear Law Offices, we are sensitive to the needs and goals of our clients and offer a customized approach to each case. We will provide you with sound legal counsel and use specific strategies for achieving the best possible resolution for your specific situation. We will form a plan for obtaining the desired results and communicate with you at every stage in the process to ensure you are well-informed and properly prepared. Our goal is to obtain swift resolutions, minimize your anxiety and maximize the results of the outcome.

Naperville Divorce Cases

A divorce case involves more than dissolving the bonds of marriage. When a couple legally terminates their marriage, there are many issues to be resolved. While the specific issues to be determined vary from divorce case to divorce case, the broad topics to be addressed include:

  • Child Support
  • Custody & Visitation
  • Property Division
  • Spousal Maintenance

If the divorcing couple is unable to reach an agreement, the court will decide the issues.

Divorce Mediation

If both parties are willing to make a good faith effort to resolve the issues amicably but have been unable to do so on their own, mediation may be the solution. When a divorce case goes to mediation, a neutral third party attempts to assist the divorcing spouses in reaching a middle ground that is comfortable for everyone and protects the interests of their children.

Mediation is often a good option for divorcing couples, because:

  • It is usually less expensive than trying the case before the court
  • The time investment required to resolve a case through mediation is much less significant
  • Mediation may allow the parties to finalize their divorce sooner
  • Mediation is typically less stressful and involves less conflict
  • Working together in the mediation process can smooth the path to better future communications

Resolving the case amicably is especially important if the couple shares children, since there will likely be many circumstances in which they need to communicate regarding the children and cooperate for their good.

If the mediation process is successful, the parties enter into an agreement, which is submitted to the court for approval and integration into the divorce decree. Even if the mediation is only partially successful, it can save the parties time, money, and unnecessary stress by resolving some of the issues. A partial agreement leaves fewer issues for the court to resolve, and limits the amount and type of evidence required.

Litigating a Divorce Case in DuPage County

When mediation fails, or when the parties choose not to attempt mediation, some or all of the issues will be decided by the court. Leaving questions about your personal property, family home, and time spent with your children in the hands of the court is not ideal. Contested divorce hearings can be very stressful, and can aggravate tensions between the parties. In addition, while mediation is private, courtroom proceedings become a matter of public record.

Unfortunately, not every divorce case can be resolved peacefully. When it is in the client’s best interests to take the battle to the courtroom, we will do everything in our power to build a compelling case on your behalf. We will assemble the evidence and arguments necessary to fight for what matters most to you, such as:

  • Care and custody of your children
  • Financial security for you and your children
  • A favorable property settlement
  • Fair division of any outstanding debts

Our goal is always to craft the solution that best suits your needs, whether that be minimizing conflict, time and expense by guiding you through the mediation process or throwing our decades of family law and litigation experience into fighting for your rights in the courtroom.

Other Family Law Legal Issues

Our attorneys assist Naperville residents with many areas of family law besides divorce. Some of the most common family law issues outside the divorce arena include:

Pre-Nuptial Agreements

The Abear Law Offices can help you start your marriage off strong, with a carefully-conceived pre-nuptial agreement that provides both partners with security and clear expectations.


Whether you are a father seeking to establish paternity and preserve your right to a relationship with your child, a mother pursuing support from her child’s father, or a couple working together to ensure the father’s legal rights and obligations, we can help.


Bringing a new child into your family or adding a legal bond to your emotional connection with a stepchild is a big moment for any family. When you retain our experienced family law attorneys to handle your adoption, you can rest assured that you will receive knowledgeable, professional, individualized service and attention.

Domestic Violence

Unfortunately, domestic violence situations are all too common in family law cases particularly in matters of divorce. Cases that involve violence and the threat of violence require legal counsel from an experienced family law attorney. At the Abear Law Offices, we take cases involving domestic violence very seriously and fight hard to protect our clients’ safety and interests.

Post-Divorce Modifications

“Final decree” doesn’t necessarily mean what it sounds like, particularly in a divorce case involving children. If circumstances change after your divorce is finalized and you need to pursue a modification of custody or change in child support, we can help.

Whatever your family law needs, your next step should be to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys. Our lawyers have a long history of assisting the people of Kane County and DuPage County with a wide range of family law matters.

Contact A Naperville Divorce Attorney For Help

When you retain the Abear Law Offices to represent you in your divorce case, adoption proceeding, or other family law matter, you can rest assured that:

• We will listen to your concerns and treat you as a unique individual
• We will work with you to find the solution that best suits your needs
• We will put the full power of our skills, knowledge and experience to work for you
• We will thoroughly answer your questions and ensure that you know what to expect
• We will fight for the things that matter most to you

To learn more about how we can help, schedule a consultation with one of our seasoned divorce and family law attorneys.

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