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Expanding Your Family by Adoption

If you have ever considered adopting a child, you are not alone. This year, approximately 140,000 children will be adopted in the United States. This amounts to nearly 380 adoptions taking place every day. Current estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau report that there are 8.5 million adult and child adoptees living in America comprising about 2.5 percent of the population.

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Illinois Ranked Third Most Pro-Surrogate State

The modern, nuclear family has evolved as technology has allowed it to. The men and women who volunteer their genetic material, either as sperm and egg donors, or as surrogates, provide an incredible service to young couples, heterosexual and same-sex, who want to start their own family. These sperm and egg donors and surrogates act as non-traditional storks, providing an option to couples who may have been unable to conceive naturally, or through in-vitro fertilization, fertility drugs, and reproductive surgery, among others procedures. However, as seen in the news regarding the sperm donor required to pay child support, it is incredibly important that parents-to-be and their surrogates or donors outline the legal responsibilities and roles that each party will take on prior to the child’s conception.

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How to Break the News of Divorce to Your Kids

Divorce in and of itself is a very stressful and emotionally trying process. This process can be made even more stressful when children are thrown into the mix. Children of divorce can remember the moment they found out about their parents divorce for years to come. Because of this, it is important to sufficiently prepare yourself to make “the talk” as smooth as possible.

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