How is Illinois Child Support Law Changing in 2017

Wheaton Family Law Attorneys Explain New Child Support Laws

On July 1, 2017, Illinois law in regards to child support is changing. Previously, child support payment was handled in a percentage-based traditional method. Now, Illinois is becoming an income-sharing child support state. Our team at Abear Law Offices can explain more on what exactly that means below.

The former Illinois child support law had the non-custodial parent pay the custodial parent a straight percentage of his/her income. This new law states that the income of both parents is examined when deciding the child support amount regardless of who is custodial or not. The courts calculate not only combined income, but parenting time that is allocated.

Another change to the law involves children who live with you. That means that if you have an intact family with a new spouse or partner, the court will reduce the amount of financial support that you actually have to pay. This is because in the past, the courts did not allow new family and children situations to alter the child support amount. Now, a fair support amount will be given to both children.

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