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While arranged marriages are not very common in American culture, they are still regularly practiced in many other cultures. These marriages typically have a lower divorce rate than traditional westernized marriages, but divorces are not uncommon among them. An arranged marriage may start off very differently than a westernized marriage, but they often end very similarly and for similar reasons. At the Abear Law Offices, we have experience handling divorces for couples in an arranged marriage.

Dissolution of an Arranged Marriage

Regardless of where you were married or how you became a couple, the laws in Illinois pertaining to divorce still apply to Illinois residents. All divorces must settle issues of property division, spousal maintenance, child support, child custody and visitation (where children are involved).

Ending an arranged marriage, however, can create added personal stress owing to the cultural taboo of divorce that often accompanies the arranged marriage tradition. Attorney Anthony Abear is sensitive to the unique cultural issues that surround the dissolution of an arranged marriage. His goal is to alleviate as much anxiety as possible concerning the legal aspects of divorce. We work hard to minimize the amount of disruption the legal process causes to our clients’ lives and to resolve divorce matters quickly, efficiently and affordably.

If you are in an arranged marriage and plan to file or divorce or your spouse has already filed for divorce, contact us today to schedule a consultation. We will discuss the particular circumstances of your divorce and create a plan for how you can move forward as painlessly as possible.

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