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Many divorce proceedings involve a significant amount of conflict and expense. Bitterness and discord often come with the territory in the dissolution of a marriage. That doesn’t have to be the case for every divorce, however. Where both parties can agree to an amicable negotiation process, mediation can save time, money and hurt feelings. At the Abear Law Offices, many of our divorce cases are handled through mediation rather than litigation.

Understanding Mediation

In a mediation, both parties in a divorce meet with a neutral third party to negotiate an amicable divorce agreement that can be presented for approval to family court. The mediation itself is not binding, but it is used to avoid lengthy legal battles. Couples who reach agreement through mediation spend less money on legal fees and typically finalize their divorces in far less time.

Issues Resolved Through Mediation

All issues pertaining to divorce can be resolved through mediation instead of litigation including:

One of the primary benefits to meditation is that it allows former spouses to preserve an amicable relationship. This is particularly beneficial when children are involved. When both parties do not spend months fighting each other in court, it is easier to co-parent without animosity. Mediated divorces typically require fewer post decree modifications because original arrangements were jointly agreed upon. When modifications are necessary, they can typically be handled through mediation as well.

Attorney Anthony Abear always strives to make the divorce process and all aspects of family law as painless as possible for his clients. To that end he is an advocate of the mediation process. In some cases, however, mediation is not possible. Where serious disagreements persist and one or both parties are unwilling to negotiate amicably, litigation is necessary. Attorney Anthony Abear is a strong advocate for his clients in both mediation and litigation. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discuss the specifics of your case.

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