“Tony is an outstanding attorney. He helped me during a very difficult divorce. He kept me balanced and not only advised me during the legal process; but how to keep my sanity. Tony pointed me in the right direction and guided me with sound decisions. He’s professional, smart, thorough and worked in the best interest of me and my children. i highly recommend Tony.”

An attorney and man of Integrity
“Tony is a peaceful warrior inside and outside of the courtroom for his clients. He delivers justice with grace and humility. I think most of us who need legal council have a preconceived judgment of most attorneys because most have earned that label through their actions. Tony is the exception to that rule. It was easy to trust him and his experience because he is truly a man of integrity who goes the extra distance to bring justice and fairness to his clients. I highly recommend Tony. He is professional, experienced and truly cares about people, and it shows in his actions!”

Best attorney ever!
“Ever had an attorney that you could call at night, or on weekends, or even better, would come to your house or work to meet with you? Well over the years I have hired literally a dozen attorneys through work, and out of all those attorneys, none have ever done any of that. But Tony Abear is the brilliant exception. He consistently went out of his way to make sure I knew everything that was going on with my cases (a few over a few years), made himself available night and day, and was always prepared to the point that he was one step ahead of the opposing counsel! I used Tony for my divorce and custody, my sons ticket, and have referred 4 other cases to him. In each instance Tony has done amazing work!!! I would tell anyone looking for legal services to make Tony Abear’s office their first, last, and only stop! ”

A lawyer who put my worries at ease
“He was very clear on what we were to expect at court ,and had all the legal details worked out before we even walked into the courtroom, The process was very easy with the outcome better than we expected.”

Thank you Tony, and Jane B, for finally getting it done for me!!!
“Tony, and his office, was reccomended to me by another attorney that I know. She said he was good at what he does and I could trust him. I don’t think she has ever been more right. Tony and his staff worked on my case, and it was not an easy one, without flinching. My ex- was very difficult to work with but they kept doing what they do best and eventually they were able to work up an agreement that even SHE could not argue with. I will always reccomend Tony and his office to everyody that I encounter. If I ever need an attorney for anything else, I will most definitely go back to Tony Abear. I could not be more happy with the work they did.”

A Highly Skilled Attorney
“Mr Abear handled my divorce case with insight, efficiency, and care. I always felt that he was on top of the issues and moved with deliberate speed to bring the proceedings to a highly satisfactory close. He and her assistants Sally were very responsive and communicated well. He always kept me in the loop and gave sound legal guidance. Mr Abear also handled some real estate transactions for me and my criminal case. I am happy with the consistently excellent way in which he manages the legal process and with the outcomes of his work. I highly recommend him.”

“Tony represented me for a very complex family law matter involving the welfare and custody of my child.

I had worked with other lawyers before Tony and was full of despair when I first came to Tony. After the initial meeting, Tony turned my despair into hope and soon after that, turned that hope into a miracle.

He and his staff, Michael and Sally, handled my case as if I were family. They were beyond compassionate, never gave up, and provided support for me every step of the way. In fact, for one of my hearings, the entire team came just to provide emotional and physical support for me.

Tony then worked relentlessly to get results for me that no lawyer before him could ever get. He truly cares and is an advocate for children. He sought justice and never gave up until he got results. I’m confident that there’s no other lawyer in Dupage County, or the State of Illinois for that matter, who can match his skill and service level. He is everything that anyone would ever want in a lawyer and beyond. He treats you like family, is honest, hard-working, reliable, competently knows the law, and is financially reasonable. And on top of all that, he always keeps as smile on his face, no matter how complex or stressful the situation, which really helped to relieve my worries through the process. He and his team are truly miracle workers and the absolute best ever in the legal system, hands down!!!”

A Critical Support System When Needed Most
“I met Anthony through a mutual friend. This was during the most confusing, scary,and humiliating time of my life. I was filing a divorce after twenty years of marriage. With no clue as to what to do or what to expect other than more pain, Anthony listened, advised and, most importantly, provided support. He guided me through the expectations, drawbacks and possible consequences of every step. I could not have come through all of this without his steady hand.

His confidence and demeanor within the courtroom assured me that he was in charge and fighting for me. I have no regrets and know it is because Anthony had my case and my back. His knowledge of proceedings and his explanations of each step of the process was clear and concise. He spoke with clarity and patience, even in times of my personal anger, despair or distress. I never felt helpless.

Anthony got me through the most difficult part of the divorce proceedings and continues to be there for legal support and direction as issues continue to come up regarding support and maintenance.

Anthony is a true professional and someone I would recommend to anyone seeking legal counsel, especially in the matters of divorce and family law. He makes you feel worthy of someone’s help during a time when that isn’t so easy. Divorce is a very very difficult process and Anthony is more than a lawyer. He treats you as a friend going through difficult times. He is that critical support system you need at your most vulnerable time.

Thank you Anthony for everything you did for me.”

Sincere and trustworthy!
“Anthony Abear was always available to answer questions and he let me know detail level step he was going to take.I had a very complex divorce situation. He offered great suggestions and ideas that are TRULY appreciated. He gave excellent advice and was able to deliver excellent results.”

Outstanding lawyer and person!!!
“I worked with Tony Abear as my lawyer for almost three years. He is professional, compassionate and will be by your side every step of the way. I had a long complicated court case where Tony got me full custody of my children and put in place some court orders that will help my children have a better life. He truly cares about his clients and the children involved in his cases. He will fight for you and your family. He kept me focused and hopeful during very difficult times. He is an amazing human being and excellent attorney. I would highly recommend him and his services.”

No one ever loves their attorney after the process is finally over – I do!
“I am so glad to have the opportunity to express my gratitude to Tony Abear for the wonderful job he did on my divorce case! (He always smiles; I almost didn’t recognize him in this profile picture!) Tony is without a doubt, the most capable, easiest-to-work-with and honest attorney any client could ever retain. He is the very best in a very difficult system and stressful profession. How many clients say that about their attorneys after their divorce is final? The only people I know who say that are those that Tony represents. He was referred to me by such a client who spoke equally as highly of him and recommended his name to me several years ago. Tony still represents me on “post decree” work and there is no one else I would rather meet in the courthouse on those days than Tony. He IS the very best!”

Anthony Abear is the Best in the Business!
“Tony is the hands down best Lawyer I have ever had in my life, and I always make sure I let him know that he will remain my Lawyer for life! He is a pleasure to work with and has the most expansive knowledge of Divorce and Family Law I have ever witnessed. During my ongoing visitation issues my ex-wife, he and his legal team have been right at my side every step of the way! Tony and his legal team is second to none! He and his staff have consulted with me about every detail in my case and has communicated wonderfully with me about the progress of the case. Tony truly cares about his clients and the outcome of their cases. I am very, very happy with his performance, and I highly recommend Tony Abear!”

One of the best in Illinois!
“Tony Abear has been my lawyer for a very complicated divorce involving child custody for my daughter. I don’t have to tell anyone how hard it is for a father to get custody of a child in a divorce case.

Both my wife and I had children from previous marriages which not only complicated things further it called for a lawyer with not only the confidence to take my case but the experience and knowledge to see it through. Tony came very highly recommended to me and exceeded my expectations! ”

Good Attorney
“Tony represented me for a family law case. Tony was professional, prompt to court, and there were no problems getting a call back from his office. Tony always kept me informed of the case status, and often called after 6PM. My case was a little complex, with legal research that had to be done (i.e., learning curve) which I wasn’t crazy about because I had to pay for that time. Tony did present all options so we could make an informed decision, and I felt like he really cared about the outcome of the case.”

Anthony Abear and trust
“A divorce is a very difficult time in life. It is a life-altering change, not just for the couple but for all family members. At the time of my divorce my trust in mankind was shattered. My heart was asking God to give me a lawyer with compassion, not self-serving and not a lawyer who would serve men and walk on women.

As I sat in my first appointment with Mr. Abear, and after the initial exchange of information, he said, “I want you to go home and sleep. You’ve just hired me to do your worrying.” That kindness ended up being a truth. Mr. Abear was the first spark in my heart that started me back on the path to trusting mankind again.”

Best Lawyer
“I have had 2 other lawyer before Abear, I also wish I had him from the get go. He even has called while on vacation to see how things were, if there were any problems. He handeled the follow-up from my divorce.”

Must Have Tony!
“Anthony “Tony” Abear is an EXCELLENT lawyer. I have had 4 other lawyers before finding Tony. My only regret is that I didn’t have him from the beginning. Tony can take on the “pit bulls” however doesn’t need to stoop down to their level for a good fight. He is cool, calm and collected; knows the law and is not too busy to call you back. His assistants are fabulous as well. Always very knowledgeable about my case and always professional. I carry Tony’s business card in my wallet just in case I find someone who needs an excellent lawyer. If you are looking for a trustworthy lawyer, who will call you back (even if it’s 7:00 p.m. and he’s on his way home from a long days’ work) and will always give it to you “straight,” don’t hesitate to give him a call!”

“Anthony did very well by my side! I greatly appreciate what he did for my daughter and myself. He protected my daughter when needed and he went above and beyond to make sure that she was safe. He got me eveything I wanted included sole custody. I highly recommend that if anybody needs help with any family matters, that they must contact anthony.”