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Pre-nuptial agreements, while once primarily used to protect the assets of the wealthy, are becoming increasingly popular with people from all walks of life. These agreements are created prior to a marriage and include provisions for property division, spousal maintenance and other issues should the marriage end in divorce. At the Abear Law Offices, we are experienced in dealing with the sometimes complex issues involved in prenuptial agreements.

Uses for Prenuptial Agreements

Creating a prenuptial agreement not only prevents a certain amount of contentiousness at the end of a marriage, it also supplies both spouses and their families with peace of mind during a marriage. These agreements have a number of common uses including:

  • Protecting assets acquired prior to the marriage
  • Protecting inheritance for children from previous relationships
  • Protecting business interests
  • Protecting assets held jointly with other family members

By planning for how these issues will be addressed in a divorce prior to the marriage, you and your new spouse can avoid litigation in the future.

Drafting and Modifying Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements are not straightforward contracts. In Illinois, these agreements can be easily challenged if they are not drafted carefully. Attorney Anthony Abear is experienced in avoiding many potential pitfalls of these agreements to create a document that truly serves its purpose. Additionally, we can review and modify existing prenuptial agreements to strengthen the language and more effectively communicate the expectations of both parties. When this is done after a marriage, it is called post-nuptial agreement.

While most people do not enter into a marriage expecting it to end in a divorce, but preparing for such a contingency can save you considerable distress in the future. If you would like to create or amend a prenuptial agreement, contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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