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When marital partners with substantial assets face the prospect of divorce, fears about their financial security, and depletion of their marital estate are natural. While a contentious high-conflict divorce can significantly threaten the wealth that may have taken decades to build, our experienced Wheaton complex divorce attorneys at Abear Law Offices recognize the benefits of a business-like approach to divorce to reduce expense, to expedite the court case, and to reduce the stress that often accompanies divorce.

At Abear Law Offices, our team of experts can handle ANY high asset / high net-value complex divorce. We utilize business valuation experts, forensic accountants, hidden asset experts, real estate appraisers, and other financial experts to help us identify and value complex assets and property.

We have the resources to help you address a broad range of financial issues that often come up in high-asset divorce disputes, including:

Business Assets – we facilitate proper valuations of any closely held businesses and help you determine how much reimbursement or award you are entitled.

Complex Property Tax Issues – when dividing a large estate, the number of transactions and their tax implications can be numerous. We will help you throughout the entire process.

Hidden Assets – we will help you seek, uncover, and find assets being kept from you.

Prenuptial Agreements & Postnuptial Agreements – not only can we draft pre and postnuptial agreements for you, we will help ensure that the obligations outlined in your pre and postnuptial agreements are honored. Retirement Assets (401(k)s, IRAs, pensions) – we will conduct a review  of each financial contribution to reach an appropriate division of funds.

Unauthorized Transfers – we help you find and identify unauthorized transfers of property that may have occurred before or after the filing of a petition for a divorce.

Although we are prepared to fight for our clients’ financial interest, we balance that with your input and prudent judgment when pursuing our your objectives.

High-net value divorces often involve complex issues that include:

  • Business valuation issues (closely held businesses and professional practices);
  • Hidden assets and income streams;
  • Real estate holdings including out of state property (commercial and residential);
  • Difficult to value assets (stock options, RSU’s, continent awards, pending or not lawsuits or lawsuits not yet filed);
  • Appraisal of art and collectibles;
  • Diversion of assets in questionable or outright sham transactions;
  • Income and value not reflected in tax returns;
  • Enforceability of prenuptial or postnuptial agreements;
  • Vacation properties; and
  • Spousal maintenance (alimony).

Our DuPage County high-asset divorce lawyers recognize that a marital dissolution can impact your business, lifestyle, and financial security. We understand the intense effort involved in building a comfortable lifestyle now and into your retirement. While working hard to protect your financial interests, we are mindful of the big picture. We provide sound legal counsel regarding your rights and the judge’s probable resolution of an issue, so you can pick your battles rather than unnecessarily wasting the financial resources you worked hard to acquire. Our attorneys look beyond tax returns and profit and loss statements to identify hidden income and assets.

When you work with an attorney at the Abear Law Offices, we bring decades of experience handling complex property division issues, spousal maintenance and other financial issues.

Some of the ways we can help protect you include:

  • Identifying all sources of income as well as marital and non-marital assets;
  • Persuasively advocating your position about the marital standard of living, spousal maintenance (alimony), and child support;
  • Transferring assets from a pension, 401(k), 503(b), or another retirement plan, such as by Qualified Domestic Relation Orders (QDROs);
  • Persuasively pursuing your interest regarding assets and debts accrued before, during, or after marriage or separation to obtain a fair and equitable division of assets; and
  • Working with business valuation experts to protect your interest in the division of a business or professional practice’s value.

Our DuPage County high-asset divorce lawyers represent clients throughout Illinois that have complex property division issues and substantial net worth. The legal issues and potential pitfalls involved in cases like these often necessitate the use of experts, such as business valuation experts, forensic accountants, vocational counselors, and others. We have a network of experts who can help analyze financial documents and data to ensure you receive your fair allocation of the marital estate.


Our law firm provides compassionate representation in the pursuit of our clients’ goals and protection of our clients’ interest. We represent clients throughout DuPage, Kane, Will, Cook, and DeKalb Counties, including St. Charles, Naperville, Warrenville, Chicago, and the surrounding areas. We invite you to contact our Wheaton complex divorce attorneys today to schedule a consultation, so we can guide you through the divorce process to a new beginning.

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