How Long Will My Divorce Take?

Accounting for Complications and Cooperation

The length of time it will take to finalize your divorce will depend on the complexity of your case and your level of cooperation. Couples who have been married for a short time are often able to complete the process quickly, but those who have been married longer can work together to achieve a faster resolution.

Divorce can certainly be expensive, and the process can cost you much more than money. Your time is extremely valuable as well, and a long, drawn-out divorce can prevent you from moving on with your life. At Abear Law Offices, our experienced attorneys understand that saving time and money is possible when you and your spouse are able to work together in resolving your differences.

When you are able to reach an agreement on all of the important details, including property division, alimony or maintenance, parental responsibilities, and parenting time, you can obtain a divorce judgment relatively quickly. By contrast, if you have extensive business holdings and complicated investments, or you are determined to fight for every possible consideration, a quick resolution is probably not realistic.

Keeping the Process Simple

At our law firm, we are committed to helping you get the divorce settlement you deserve while maintaining a sense of cooperation with your spouse whenever possible. Our attorneys know the law and are ready to provide the assistance you need during the negotiation process. In addition to saving time and money, a negotiated settlement is typically more stable, as each spouse is much more likely to remain in compliance with the terms that they helped develop. If, however, you and your spouse cannot reach an agreement, our attorneys are prepared to advocate on your behalf in the courtroom as well.

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