How to Find Hidden Assets During an Illinois Divorce

DuPage County Law Firm Can Help Uncover Hidden Funds

It can be difficult to endure the divorce process when you have a spouse who is trying to hide assets from you and the court. There are a few ways to uncover what is going on and stop it from continuing. If this is happening to you, our team at Abear Law Offices can help find any assets that your spouse may be trying to conceal.

The Illinois court system and one of our lawyers can assist in enabling you to bring any hidden assets to light. As soon as a court case has been filed, your attorney is allowed to use the authority of a court to subpoena third parties to produce any documentation that may be required. The type of documentation that we would seek would be paychecks from your spouse’s W-2. Where things can get a little more complicated is if they own their own business or are self employed.

In order to unveil any assets in that situation, we will examine business bank records, tax records, and business expenditures. If you happen to have a spouse who is more evasive, there are other strategies that we can explore such as computer experts, forensic experts, private investigators, or conducting asset searches.

Contact a DuPage County Divorce Attorney

The simple fact is that hiding assets is not just an act that is frowned upon, but against the rules of the court, and a party may be subject to sanctions. We at Abear Law Offices strive to give client-centered legal counsel in areas such as divorce and family law. For over a decade, we have aided clients from all over the Chicagoland area. Please contact us to set up a confidential consultation at any of our offices that are closest for your convenience. Offices can be found in Wheaton, Naperville, Chicago, Warrenville, or St. Charles. Call now so we can begin the process of finding any hidden assets.

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