Will My Current Child Support Payment Change with the New 2017 Illinois Child Support Law?

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In Illinois, a new family law is going into effect on July 1, 2017. It might alter the monetary amount that you will be contributing for child support. The attorneys at Abear Law Offices can assist you with these family law or divorce law legal matters and explain what these changes mean for your case.

This law has a direct effect on how a parent’s current amount obligation is being decided. What happens if you and/or your spouse already have an obligation in place for support before July 1, 2017? It is more than likely that unless there is going to be a dramatic change in your income on the horizon, you will have to pay less for child support.

The law coming in 2017 says that the income of both parents will be used in the calculation to determine the child support obligation amount. This may result in the income of your ex-spouse now being a part of the child support calculations. If this situation may apply to your obligation, it is important that you seek representation to find answers.

This new law also considers parenting time. Illinois courts will examine how many nights your minor child has with each parent. This means that if each parent already has similar parenting time, then one parent will not have to pay the other more than what is fair. The court will also determine which parent has the higher obligation to note if a difference needs to be paid.

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