Adoption and the Holidays

The holiday season has officially begun, and many shoppers have already decided what they are giving their loved ones this year. For some, however, welcoming a child into their home is the greatest gift of all.

Why Are Parents Adopting Later?

Over the past three to five years, the average age of first adoption has risen. Why? Marriage is being pushed back to age 27, compared to age 23 over 27 years ago. More people are choosing to attend college and pursue a career before getting married and starting a family.

Prior to this time frame, the majority of adoptive parents were in their mid-to-late 30’s. However, with the change in attitudes on parenthood, many adoptive parents in their 40’s are now planning to adopt a child.

Additionally, couples who have experienced infertility may find themselves pursuing adoption at a later age as it can take a significant amount of time to make the transition from fertility treatments to adoption.

Adoptive Parents’ Attitudes on Adopting Later

Adoptive parents may argue that adopting at an older age makes them more comfortable with their decisions as a parent, as they have had more life experiences to prepare them for the decision to adopt. Before they adopt, however, they may feel intimidated by the fact that they are older, especially if they have never had children in the past.

Older adoptive parents may choose to adopt if their biological children are grown, gone, and working, and they would like to raise another child to the best of their ability. Or, if the adoptive parents have remarried, they may choose to share the parenting experience with each other, especially if they have not had children in the past.

Are You Ready for Adoption?

When pursing adoption, it is important to consider several factors. For instance, are you and your spouse on the same page regarding your adoption plans? Communicate with your spouse whether or not you would like to pursue the adoption of an older child or a newborn. Or, is age not a factor? Additionally, does gender matter? Also, do you want to have contact with the birth parents or prefer a closed adoption? Finally, are you financially prepared for adoption? It is important to remember the costs involved, including legal fees, medical fees, and travel fees.

Contact a Wheaton Adoption Lawyer

No matter your age, the adoption of a child is one of the greatest gifts that adoptive parents can receive. Being able to raise a child who may otherwise not have been in an ideal environment is a great blessing for the parents.

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