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Taxes and Divorce – What Every Disadvantaged Spouse Should Know

Couples often assume that a finalized divorce is the end of their separation journey, but nothing could be further from the truth. Steps must still be taken to complete the unraveling of finances, and there are still some areas in one’s life that can be impacted by a divorce. For example, a divorce can affect a person’s federal income taxes. Learn more about taxes and divorce for disadvantaged spouses, and how some of the decisions you make now may impact you when you file your taxes next time.

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Talking to Your Child About Your Remarriage

As a divorced parent, you have probably had to work through a number of uncomfortable conversations with your child. You may have been the one to break the news of your divorce to him or her and, in the time since, you may have answered dozens—if not hundreds—of questions about the future. Now, as you consider getting remarried, you will need to address difficult topics with your child once again.

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After the Divorce Is Final

ave you just received word that your divorce is finalized? Divorce can be a draining process physically and emotionally, and finally being through with it should bring a huge sigh of relief. A new life of freedom and opportunity awaits. Clients regularly ask what to do once their divorce is over. Divorce is consuming, so it can be a bit strange to transition suddenly to having no court dates or attorney meetings in your future. While the period after your divorce is certainly a time for celebrating and reflecting, there are a few steps you should take once your divorce is finalized to make sure you have everything in order for your single life.

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Divorce and the Marital Home

Divorce is full of difficult decisions. One issue that our clients regularly face is what to do with their shared marital home. In some cases, one party wants to hold on to the residence, either by buying out the other spouse or by replacing an existing mortgage with a new mortgage that only lists one spouse. In other cases, both parties agree that selling the home is the best decision. There are advantages and disadvantages to keeping or selling the home, and long-term implications that come with either choice, so it is important that those going through a divorce seek the help of an experienced divorce attorney who can advise them on this matter.

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Divorce Impact on Your Health

There is no reason to stay in an unhappy marriage. While deciding to divorce can be a difficult decision to make, leaving an unhealthy relationship can change your life for the better in so many ways.

Leaving a marriage does not make you weak, or a failure. In fact, according to statistics from the Bureau of Labor, 42 percent of all people married between the ages of 15 and 46 end up divorcing by age 46. If you are struggling with taking the first step towards leaving your unhealthy marriage, remind yourself you are not alone. Millions of people have faced the same difficult decision and have significantly improved their lives.

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Just Divorced? Tips for Getting Your Finances Back In Order

If you have just divorced, you are likely ready for some relaxation and recovery time. Everyone needs a little break after a stressful, complicated experience, especially after a taxing process like divorce. While you may be ready to take a break from the lawyers, paperwork, and court dates you faced during your divorce, there is one last area to focus on before enjoying your newly single life – your finances. Life post-divorce can be vastly different from married life, so it is crucial that you move on with a solid understanding of your finances and a plan for the future.

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Smartphone Apps Co-Parents Need to Know About

Co-parenting, or parenting after separation, is widely considered one of the best ways to keep a divorce as stress free as possible for the children involved. While the parent’s romantic relationship has ended, through co-parenting, parents are able to live their own lives while sharing the responsibility of parenting their children.

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Life after Divorce: Strategies for Putting Your Divorce behind You

The start of each year is a great time to set new goals and let go of any past negativity. While moving past unresolved feelings towards your divorce can be difficult, your new, post divorce life can only begin to improve when you let go of any unnecessary negativity and move on. Millions of other people have divorced and recovered, and now, you should too. While thinking about putting your divorce behind you this year, here are a few strategies to consider:

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When Your Child Wants a Change in Custody

Suppose that you have been divorced for several years. You and your ex-spouse have managed to avoid any major controversies or conflicts, including any serious disagreements surrounding custody and parenting time of your child. That all changes one day when your child tells you that he or she would like to live with you instead of his or her other parent. There may be any number of reasons why your child has made this request, such as:

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The Blended Family: A New Post-Divorce Dynamic

Following a divorce, many individuals are anxious to put their previous relationship behind them and move forward. For some, this may mean reestablishing themselves as a single person and dating casually. Others may find themselves in another serious romantic relationship and heading toward remarriage. As with many aspects of a post-divorce situation, remarriage can present an interesting combination of emotions and experiences to those involved, especially for children and divorced parents with any type of shared custody arrangement. These emotions can intensify with the prospect of blended family situations, as well.

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