After the Divorce Is Final

ave you just received word that your divorce is finalized? Divorce can be a draining process physically and emotionally, and finally being through with it should bring a huge sigh of relief. A new life of freedom and opportunity awaits. Clients regularly ask what to do once their divorce is over. Divorce is consuming, so it can be a bit strange to transition suddenly to having no court dates or attorney meetings in your future. While the period after your divorce is certainly a time for celebrating and reflecting, there are a few steps you should take once your divorce is finalized to make sure you have everything in order for your single life.

Manage Your Finances

Hopefully, you have been preparing your finances for the transition from married to single life well in advance of your divorce being finalized. If not, however, now is the time to start. Take account your income, any extra funds you may have available, and your expenses, and then set a budget for yourself. Address any unsettled debt (hopefully that all got taken care of during your divorce) and prepare yourself for the future. Do not forget about important changes to tax documents, retirement accounts, trusts, and wills.

Keep Talking to Your Kids

While you may be more relaxed now that your divorce is over, your children are likely still adjusting to their new family dynamic. Remind your children that both you and their other parent are still there for them no matter the coming changes. Let them vent to you and express their feelings. Additionally, it can be helpful to contact schools, coaches, and other people in your children’s lives to alert them of the changes to your family. Having support from other places in your children’s lives can make a big difference.

Set a Follow-Up Meeting with Your Attorney

You are likely ready to be done dealing with attorneys, but it is very helpful to have one last consultation with your divorce attorney before you move on. Once your divorce is finalized, set up one last consultation. Your attorney can inform you of any future issues you may run into. Ask about changing your divorce agreement down the road if you feel you may need to do so. If you have children, be sure you completely understand your rights and obligations.

Keep Health and Fitness In Mind

Your divorce may be over, but that does not mean you are emotionally healed yet. Staying healthy and exercising can help you deal with any unresolved stress you may be feeling. Exercise is a great way to release your emotions, so channel any leftover frustration, guilt, or anger into getting in shape.

Divorce Help

Divorce is a difficult process, but it can drastically improve your life if you are stuck in an unhealthy marriage. If you are considering divorce, you need the help of a qualified DuPage county divorce attorney. Visit us at Abear Law Offices to learn more, or call 630-904-3033 to set up a free initial consultation with us today over the phone.