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Spousal Maintenance in Illinois

Spousal maintenance is an important aspect of the divorce process, and those beginning the divorce process would be wise to become familiar with the topic. You may have heard spousal maintenance referred to as alimony or spousal support, and all names refer to the same idea of payments being paid to one spouse from the other spouse after divorce.

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Divorce Impact on Your Health

There is no reason to stay in an unhappy marriage. While deciding to divorce can be a difficult decision to make, leaving an unhealthy relationship can change your life for the better in so many ways.

Leaving a marriage does not make you weak, or a failure. In fact, according to statistics from the Bureau of Labor, 42 percent of all people married between the ages of 15 and 46 end up divorcing by age 46. If you are struggling with taking the first step towards leaving your unhealthy marriage, remind yourself you are not alone. Millions of people have faced the same difficult decision and have significantly improved their lives.

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Are You in an Unhealthy Marriage?

Are you considering divorce? If so, you are probably dealing with some conflicting feelings. Should you stay and continue to work on your relationship, or is your marriage past saving?

Knowing when to seek a divorce can be difficult. Marriage takes work, and most married couples experience their share of ups and downs, but how can you distinguish between typical marital problems and an overall unhappy marriage. It is not always as easy as it sounds, but understanding why you wish to end your marriage will allow you to move with confidence if you decide to divorce. There are several major signs that indicate you may be in an unhealthy marriage, one that is unsalvageable no matter how much hard work, therapy, or counseling you attempt.

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Types of Co-Parenting Relationships

Are you stuck in an unhappy marriage but worried about the impact a divorce could have on your children? You are not alone. Many parents remain in unhappy marriages to spare their children the pain of divorce. While this may seem like a noble choice, it is often misguided. In fact, in many cases, children fare far better with separated parents compared to married parents in an unhealthy relationship. Why is this?

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How Is Marital Property Divided in Illinois?

Did you know that different states divide marital property differently during divorce cases? Some states, Arizona, Louisiana, Idaho and California, for example, divide all marital assets in half during divorce cases, with half of a couple’s assets going to each divorcing party. In Illinois, and in the majority of other states in America, marital property is still split up during a divorce, but it is handled a bit differently. Instead of a 50/50 split, the property is said to be divided fairly and equitably. This means one spouse could potentially receive more than the other, depending on the unique circumstances of each divorce case. How is property divided fairly and equitably in Illinois?

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