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Are You in an Unhealthy Marriage?

Are you considering divorce? If so, you are probably dealing with some conflicting feelings. Should you stay and continue to work on your relationship, or is your marriage past saving?

Knowing when to seek a divorce can be difficult. Marriage takes work, and most married couples experience their share of ups and downs, but how can you distinguish between typical marital problems and an overall unhappy marriage. It is not always as easy as it sounds, but understanding why you wish to end your marriage will allow you to move with confidence if you decide to divorce. There are several major signs that indicate you may be in an unhealthy marriage, one that is unsalvageable no matter how much hard work, therapy, or counseling you attempt.

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Infidelity: Could Your Partner Be E-Cheating?

For married couples, few obstacles are more difficult to overcome than infidelity. A straying partner can destroy trust and cause deep seated resentment that takes years to heal, if it ever truly does. In many cases, a single instance of cheating is enough for one partner to seek a divorce, and in Illinois, adultery is considered legitimate grounds for divorce. What may be more difficult, though, is deciding what constitutes infidelity in your relationship and how to recognize the signs it may be happening to you.

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Knowing the Grounds for Divorce – Part 2


It is simply a reality of modern life that marriages sometimes fail. Couples who marry with the best intentions often find themselves facing a divorce when, for whatever reason, the relationship breaks down. In many cases, there is not just a single underlying cause for the divorce, but the combination of numerous smaller issues. Like most states, Illinois law has provisions in place to allow for divorce in such a situation without assigning fault to either spouse.

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