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Interesting Divorce Study Findings

Most married couples do not intend on divorcing. With about a third of today’s marriages in America ending in divorce, however, chances are many married couples will separate at some point.

What leads to divorce? What makes a happy marriage? Aside from the obvious – being loyal, not committing adultery, etc. – no one can truly predict if a marriage will end or not. Studies have been conducted on the matter, however, and many have led to intriguing findings. While the studies only offer general takeaways on marriage and divorce, the findings are interesting. Below, check out some of the most fascinating marriage and divorce studies and their findings.

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Are You in an Unhealthy Marriage?

Are you considering divorce? If so, you are probably dealing with some conflicting feelings. Should you stay and continue to work on your relationship, or is your marriage past saving?

Knowing when to seek a divorce can be difficult. Marriage takes work, and most married couples experience their share of ups and downs, but how can you distinguish between typical marital problems and an overall unhappy marriage. It is not always as easy as it sounds, but understanding why you wish to end your marriage will allow you to move with confidence if you decide to divorce. There are several major signs that indicate you may be in an unhealthy marriage, one that is unsalvageable no matter how much hard work, therapy, or counseling you attempt.

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Reasons for Divorce: Knowing When Divorce is the Best Option for You

It can be overwhelming to think you might be facing the end of your marriage. When you took your vows, you promised to be together for the rest of your lives. But now, months, years or even decades later, you find yourself unable to relate to your partner and ultimately, unhappy in your marriage. You are not a failure. Your partner is not a failure. People change as they mature and sometimes, spouses make mistakes that break their marriages beyond repair. When you are at this point in your marriage, it is often healthiest for all parties involved for you to seek a divorce.

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Money Arguments Often Lead to Divorce

Money makes the world go round—and marriages. According to a recent Canadian survey found that “couples may be more willing to forgive a cheating spouse than to overlook money problems.” Trouble in relationships arises about disagreements in household finances, but the issue is even more devastating when it involves who is to blame when budgets go awry.

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