Interesting Divorce Study Findings

Most married couples do not intend on divorcing. With about a third of today’s marriages in America ending in divorce, however, chances are many married couples will separate at some point.

What leads to divorce? What makes a happy marriage? Aside from the obvious – being loyal, not committing adultery, etc. – no one can truly predict if a marriage will end or not. Studies have been conducted on the matter, however, and many have led to intriguing findings. While the studies only offer general takeaways on marriage and divorce, the findings are interesting. Below, check out some of the most fascinating marriage and divorce studies and their findings.

Marry in Your Late Twenties

A study conducted by a professor at the University of Utah revealed that waiting longer to get married may not be advantageous. In fact, the study found that the ideal time to get married is sometime between 20 and 30 years old. After 32, the changes of divorce increase.

Adult Entertainment

The American Sociological Association recently surveyed around 2,000 participants and discovered that married individuals who indulge in adult entertainment are around twice a likely to get divorced. Surprisingly, women who enjoy pornographic entertainment are about three times as likely to divorce, according to the survey. Critics of the study, however, say that watching porn may not be the cause of divorce, but rather, people turn to porn when they are having marital problems. So porn may not truly cause divorce, but consuming porn may indicate trouble in your marriage.

March and August

Another study conducted recently by the American Sociological Association discovered that each year, March and August see large spikes in divorce filings. Why? Researchers say that both months fall after most people have holidays and vacations. Couples are optimistic about their problems when heading on a vacation, but when the problems still exist when they return, they are more likely to divorce.

Age Matters

A recent study found that among heterosexual couples, the likelihood of divorce increases if there is an age gap between the spouses. A one year difference, according to the study, makes couples 3 percent more likely to end up divorced. A five-year difference increases the divorce likelihood by 18 percent, and a 10 year age difference makes couples 39 percent more likely to end up divorced.

Expensive Weddings

Researchers have also recently found that having a lavish wedding may lead to an unsuccessful marriage. According to the researchers, spending less than $1,000 on your wedding may make you half as likely to divorce when compared to couples who spend between $5,000 and $10,000. Spending $20,000 or more, according to the researcher’s findings, may make you 1.6 times more likely to divorce.

Experienced Divorce Support

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