4 Ways You Can Speed Up Your Divorce Proceedings

Ending a marriage can be traumatic, not just for the couple but also for their family and especially for their children. However, when a relationship has come to a point of no return, divorce may be the best solution.

There is no set time for how long a divorce case can take. Some cases drag on for months while others are finalized within a matter of weeks. If both parties are certain that divorce is the best solution, it may be in their best interests to speed up the divorce case. Speeding up your divorce will help to reduce the legal costs involved. It will also help both parties begin the process of picking up the pieces and learning to live life without their partner.

Tips to speed up your divorce case

Maintain open communication

This can be tough, especially for a couple going through a divorce. Many problems in marriage that result in divorce often start with communication breakdown. In cases where the divorce is the decision of one spouse or the result of the actions of one spouse, the other spouse may be feeling hurt, anger, shock or grief. Communication may seem impossible in these situations.

Couples that keep the lines of communication open are able to discuss important issues and agree on how to move ahead. This makes it easy to come to a consensus on issues such as child custody and splitting assets. If you’re having difficulty communicating, consider seeing a therapist as a couple or individually.

Use a mediator

A great way of coming to an agreement on issues such as dividing assets is by seeking mediation. Mediation brings in a neutral third party to negotiate for a fair settlement. Mediators are trained professionals. They are especially helpful when couples can’t agree but do not want to have a long, drawn-out court battle.

Even if you’ve opted for mediation, be sure to have an experienced divorce lawyer present with you throughout the process. Your lawyer will help protect your rights and ensure you get a fair settlement.

Be honest

Many couples end up in drawn-out court battles because of the dishonesty of one or both spouses. A party may lie about their assets in order to protect them and the other party may decide to litigate as they feel hurt and betrayed.

If you want to speed up the divorce proceedings, it is best to be open and honest throughout the process. This means full disclosure of all your assets including debts, income and expenses. Your lawyer will help you devise a strategy to safeguard your interests.

Put it all in writing

It is important to document everything that is related to the divorce. This should be done in the presence of a lawyer. This is especially important for when you reach an agreement about any contentious issues such as child custody or division of assets. If the same issue arises again, you will have a written statement to refer to.

Speeding up your divorce will help you get started on the journey to healing much earlier. Follow the tips above to help speed up your divorce case.