Things to Avoid During a Divorce

Are you going through a divorce or planning to file for a divorce soon? There are various mistakes that people make when going through a divorce that can lead to them ending up with the short end of the stick. The following are mistakes you should avoid if you want to protect your rights.

Insisting on taking your case to court

Going through a divorce is an emotional process. You may feel betrayed, hurt and angry all at the same time. It isn’t uncommon for a hurt spouse to want to take revenge by prolonging the divorce proceedings and insisting on taking the case to court.

While you may initially get some satisfaction from taking your case to court, your case can quickly become complicated in a court setting. Going to court will increase the cost of the divorce significantly. A prolonged divorce can be stressful on you, your children and your friends and family. The outcome of a court case is unpredictable. You may end up with a judgment that is unfavorable to you.

Bad mouthing your spouse

It isn’t uncommon for spouses to be angry and hurt when going through a divorce. Many people badmouth their spouses to their children, friends or on social media in an attempt to win them over and take their revenge on their soon-to-be ex-spouse. While this may be satisfying in the moment, it can have negative consequences.

Bad-mouthing your spouse can harm your children in the long-term. Remember that your ex-spouse is still their parent. It won’t help to involve your children in a dispute between you. You could also end up hurting your chances of getting custody of your children. The court will consider which parent will foster a healthy relationship and may choose your spouse if there is evidence that you badmouth your spouse.

Hiding assets

People have a wide range of reasons why they hide assets from the court in divorce proceedings. You may feel betrayed by your spouse and not want them to benefit from divorcing you. It may be that you put a lot of work into obtaining assets after marriage and feel that it isn’t fair to have to split assets with your spouse.

Whatever your reasons, hiding assets is not in your best interest. Lying to the court could result in you losing ground in your divorce case. Your lies may give your spouse the opportunity to appeal divorce decrees that are in place and be awarded even more of your assets than was initially agreed upon. You may even face criminal charges for fraud.

Allowing your emotions to guide your decisions

Parties going through a divorce experience a wide range of emotions including rage, despair and frustration. However, it is important to be calm and rational when making decisions during a divorce. This will help you make logical decisions that are in your best interest. Allowing your emotions to take over can result in prolonging the divorce, which will ultimately increase your financial and emotional burden. It can also lead to making poor decisions that have long-term repercussions.

Avoid the mistakes above when going through a divorce. Consult an experienced divorce attorney to determine the best way to approach your divorce.