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Preparing Financially for Divorce

If you are considering divorcing your spouse, you are likely dealing with a bevy of emotions. While your emotional happiness is certainly a vital factor to weigh while determining if you should divorce or not, you also need to consider another important factor – your personal finances. Before you make the final decision to divorce, make sure you are financially ready to divorce.

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Children and Divorce: Tips for Parents

The beginning of the year is statistically a popular time to file for divorce. Divorce attorneys, mediators, and other experts across the world report that they see a significant spike in divorce filings each January. Divorce can be a painful, confusing, stressful process for everyone involved, but advocates say it is vital that parents focus on what is most important – their children. While it can be easy to get wrapped up in the constant chaos of divorce, parents must remember that the process is just as difficult, or perhaps even more difficult, for their children. Parents should keep the following few tips in mind while navigating the divorce process to ensure their children remain healthy, safe, and emotionally unharmed.

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Questions to Ask While Interviewing a Divorce Lawyer

Choosing the right divorce attorney can be difficult. Depending on where you live, you may have dozens of attorneys available to you, but which firm do you choose to work with? Most of the decision comes down to your specific divorce case, your budget, and your personal feelings.

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Life after Divorce: Strategies for Putting Your Divorce behind You

The start of each year is a great time to set new goals and let go of any past negativity. While moving past unresolved feelings towards your divorce can be difficult, your new, post divorce life can only begin to improve when you let go of any unnecessary negativity and move on. Millions of other people have divorced and recovered, and now, you should too. While thinking about putting your divorce behind you this year, here are a few strategies to consider:

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