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Types of Co-Parenting Relationships

Are you stuck in an unhappy marriage but worried about the impact a divorce could have on your children? You are not alone. Many parents remain in unhappy marriages to spare their children the pain of divorce. While this may seem like a noble choice, it is often misguided. In fact, in many cases, children fare far better with separated parents compared to married parents in an unhealthy relationship. Why is this?

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Children and Divorce: Tips for Parents

The beginning of the year is statistically a popular time to file for divorce. Divorce attorneys, mediators, and other experts across the world report that they see a significant spike in divorce filings each January. Divorce can be a painful, confusing, stressful process for everyone involved, but advocates say it is vital that parents focus on what is most important – their children. While it can be easy to get wrapped up in the constant chaos of divorce, parents must remember that the process is just as difficult, or perhaps even more difficult, for their children. Parents should keep the following few tips in mind while navigating the divorce process to ensure their children remain healthy, safe, and emotionally unharmed.

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After Divorce: Co-Parenting into a New School Year

Walk through any department store in the country and the reminders are everywhere. With ubiquitous commercials shouting from the television and printed circulars filling the mailbox, it seems the specials and sales start increasingly earlier every year. Yet somehow, the approach of a new school year still manages to sneak up on many families. Back-to-school season can present challenges to any family, but for parents who have gone through a divorce, there is much more to consider for their children as they start school this fall.

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Understanding Joint Child Custody under Illinois Law

During the past few years, joint child custody has become a popular choice in Illinois because it permits both parents the opportunity to spend time with their children. In this way, children benefit, too, as they don’t feel cut off from seeing one of their parents. However, joint child custody can have a downside: Co-parenting can exacerbate disagreements between the parents and present long-term challenges.

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Visitation Guidelines: Custody Dos and Don’ts for Healthy Co-Parenting

Divorce affects children in different ways. Research published by Northern Illinois University shows that adolescents with divorced parents are 15 percent more disengaged from their families than adolescents from two parent homes. Healthy co-parenting is important for a child’s development even after the dissolution of a marriage. This is why it is important to have visitation guidelines to follow.

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