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Types of Co-Parenting Relationships

Are you stuck in an unhappy marriage but worried about the impact a divorce could have on your children? You are not alone. Many parents remain in unhappy marriages to spare their children the pain of divorce. While this may seem like a noble choice, it is often misguided. In fact, in many cases, children fare far better with separated parents compared to married parents in an unhealthy relationship. Why is this?

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Bad Marriages May Literally Cause Broken Hearts

The symbolism of a broken heart to represent the pain of loss as dates back at least five centuries. Obviously, it has become a very common way to express the emotional impact of grief, usually related to losing a loved one. Whether caused by death, betrayal, romantic rejection, or divorce, heartbreak may have some physiological manifestations, but it is primarily a psychological and emotional reaction. A recent study, however, suggests that for certain demographics, a bad marital situation may contribute to the deterioration of the physical health of the heart as well.

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