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Interesting Divorce Study Findings

Most married couples do not intend on divorcing. With about a third of today’s marriages in America ending in divorce, however, chances are many married couples will separate at some point.

What leads to divorce? What makes a happy marriage? Aside from the obvious – being loyal, not committing adultery, etc. – no one can truly predict if a marriage will end or not. Studies have been conducted on the matter, however, and many have led to intriguing findings. While the studies only offer general takeaways on marriage and divorce, the findings are interesting. Below, check out some of the most fascinating marriage and divorce studies and their findings.

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Gallup Poll Suggests Divorce Stress May Hit Women Harder

There is little question that divorce stress can affect everyone involved. Both spouses, any children, mutual friends, and often extended families on both sides may be forced to deal with uncomfortable changes resulting from the split. According to a recent study, women may be more likely than men to experience a marked increase in stress and stress-related behaviors following a divorce or separation.

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Bad Marriages May Literally Cause Broken Hearts

The symbolism of a broken heart to represent the pain of loss as dates back at least five centuries. Obviously, it has become a very common way to express the emotional impact of grief, usually related to losing a loved one. Whether caused by death, betrayal, romantic rejection, or divorce, heartbreak may have some physiological manifestations, but it is primarily a psychological and emotional reaction. A recent study, however, suggests that for certain demographics, a bad marital situation may contribute to the deterioration of the physical health of the heart as well.

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