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Millennials’ Perspective on Marriage and Divorce

Marriage has always been considered a rite of passage for many people. However, over the past 15 years, marriage rates have drastically decreased.

In Illinois, 49 percent of the whole population is married, with a breakdown of 50 percent of Illinois males being married and 47 percent of females.

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Chicagoland Divorces Are Beginning to Decrease

A divorce can be one of the toughest times in a married couple’s life, financially and emotionally. While there are still many divorces to be finalized this year, there has been a steady decrease in divorce rates since 2010. Moreover, the statistics keep decreasing.

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Decrease Your Chances of Divorce

Data from the American Psychological Association shows that up to 50 percent of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. The likelihood of divorce also increases significantly for those in second or third marriages. People are always wondering, “can I divorce-proof my marriage?” When most couples get married, they imagine a wonderful romance, and likely do not plan to get divorced. With the addition of complicated schedules, bills, jobs, children, and messy houses, however, marriage can easily and quickly turn from romantic to mundane. Many divorces happen for the right reasons when a couple hits an impasse and is unable to remain together. In those cases, it is healthy and necessary to separate. Are there ways, however, to “divorce proof” your marriage, or at least help your marriage endure? A contributor to the Boston Globe recently surveyed many successfully married couples, and while there may be no way to truly divorce-proof your marriage, here are some insightful tips that may help you and your spouse strengthen your relationship and decrease your chances of divorce.

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