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High Asset Divorce Also Has Its Issues

There are times when divorce is a necessary step couples must take in order to promote a better life between both parties. However, if a couple’s divorce includes high assets or no assets at all, the process can be financially and emotionally straining.

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How Postnuptial Agreements Can Save a Marriage

Getting married is one of the most exciting milestones in a person’s life. Yet there are many costs that should be evaluated.

Finances, one of the greatest factors to consider, must be analyzed—especially when one or both parties is getting married for a second time and has children from a previous relationship.

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The Importance of Prenuptial Agreements

Marriage is a huge commitment that involves several legal matters and, if not taken seriously, could result in a potential divorce. Therefore, couples often turn to prenuptial agreements prior to marriage in order to keep their assets accounted for and to potentially save the marriage. For many couples, this is an excellent opportunity to determine marital assets.

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Taxes and Divorce – What Every Disadvantaged Spouse Should Know

Couples often assume that a finalized divorce is the end of their separation journey, but nothing could be further from the truth. Steps must still be taken to complete the unraveling of finances, and there are still some areas in one’s life that can be impacted by a divorce. For example, a divorce can affect a person’s federal income taxes. Learn more about taxes and divorce for disadvantaged spouses, and how some of the decisions you make now may impact you when you file your taxes next time.

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Can I Ask for Pet Visitation?

Most of us know at least a few people who identify as “pet parents.” In fact, many of us are actually pet parents ourselves. The phrase “pet parents,” in this context, is more than a person or a couple who owns companion animals. Pet parents, in general, do not see the relationship as a master-pet dynamic, opting instead for more of a surrogate child situation—even for those pet parents who actually have children of their own as well. For the most part, being a pet parent is a more serious approach to pet ownership than many are willing undertake but there is nothing inherently wrong with it. But, what happens when pet parents get divorced? Could either party ask the court for visitation rights with their beloved four-legged companion?

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Important Steps in the Divorce Process

A quick glance at the raw numbers shows that for every two marriages in the state of Illinois in a given year, there is one divorce. While this may indicate that half of all marriages end in divorce, the numbers are a little misleading. The current likelihood of divorce for those who are get married this year is estimated to be between 30 and 40 percent.

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Separation and Divorce: Do I Need to Move Out Before I File?

When a married couple is having serious problems, it is not uncommon for the spouses to separate for a while before making any decisions. One partner may move out of the marital home and stay with family members while gathering his or her thoughts about what to do next. The practice is common enough, in fact, that most couples would not think about filing for a divorce while living under the same roof.

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Interesting Divorce Study Findings

Most married couples do not intend on divorcing. With about a third of today’s marriages in America ending in divorce, however, chances are many married couples will separate at some point.

What leads to divorce? What makes a happy marriage? Aside from the obvious – being loyal, not committing adultery, etc. – no one can truly predict if a marriage will end or not. Studies have been conducted on the matter, however, and many have led to intriguing findings. While the studies only offer general takeaways on marriage and divorce, the findings are interesting. Below, check out some of the most fascinating marriage and divorce studies and their findings.

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