Thanksgiving and Divorce

Thanksgiving is just days away and many families are planning their festivities with extended family. Yet while these celebrations may be gleefully anticipated for some, recently divorced couples and those experiencing irreconcilable differences may not feel the same.

How the Holidays Can Lead to Divorce

The Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s holidays all occur in a very close span of time. And depending the attitudes of spouses during these three holidays, this period of time can either make or break a marriage.

Much pressure is placed on families during the holiday season to ensure celebrations are perfect. Many couples believe finances must be spent on gifts during the holidays, and everyone should be together. However, married couples may not handle the outcomes of these events very well. In fact, divorce filings have been reported to increase by one-third after the holidays are over—a time that many refer to as “Divorce Day” which follows on the Monday after Christmas break.

Another reason why many couples file for divorce right after the holidays is due to the financial incentives that follow. Married couples who have filled out a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement will look at the time requirement of the document and use the holidays to file for divorce. This is so that couples can keep spousal support from jumping  to the next level.

Divorce Statistics and Holidays

In 2014, a study indicated that 40 percent of married couples reported having marital issues, with 10 percent reporting extreme issues that may never be resolved. Twenty-five percent of those couples feared that the holidays would potentially destroy their marriage, and 10 percent indicated they would make a final decision regarding their marriage after the holidays.

Even though many couples may think otherwise, a lot of the stressful thoughts and feelings during the holidays are often temporary.

Call a Wheaton Divorce Lawyer

Going through the process of divorce is a financially and emotionally confusing experience. Moreover, making the decision to divorce can be just as difficult. Yet while there are many steps that need to be taken when filing for divorce, a skilled professional can make the process much more bearable. You do not have to fight the legal battle alone.

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