Do I Need a Lawyer for Divorce Mediation?

If you’re seeking a divorce, there will be various issues that will need to be discussed and agreed upon before your divorce is made final. These range from child custody to property and asset division. These matters can be addressed through mediation or in a court.

Mediation is always the best choice for divorce. It offers many benefits including being less expensive and offering spouses more control over the outcome of the divorce. Going to court will result in huge expenses in legal fees and it will result in a judge making all the decisions for you. Going to court also means that the divorce will most likely take anything from several months to years to be finalized. Mediation is a great option if you and your spouse are willing to sit down and negotiate.

If you and your soon-to-be ex have opted for mediation, you will need to hire a mediator. This is a neutral party that guides the conversations to help you come to an agreement. It is also a good idea for each spouse to hire a divorce attorney. Here’s why:

You’ll gain access to legal knowledge and experience

Divorce laws can be complex. It can be difficult to understand the long-term impact of a decision you make during mediation. An experienced attorney will provide you with guidance to ensure you make the best decisions for you and your children if any. They will help you better understand the requirements of the law and how you can protect yourself.

You’ll get legal advice for your particular situation

Mediators only provide spouses with information about the options available to them. As unbiased parties, they cannot provide legal advice to any of the spouses.

An experienced attorney will assess your circumstances and provide you with advice based on their experience and understanding of the law. A lawyer will step in and ensure your best interests are considered in issues such as child custody, division of assets, sharing debt and much more.

An attorney will help to remove the emotional aspect from the decision-making process

It can be difficult to come to an agreement during a time when your emotions are all over the place. You may not be able to think clearly. You may want to take revenge on your spouse or even want to give up some of your rights in the heat of the moment just to get it over and done with.

An attorney will help to take that emotional aspect out of the decision-making process as they are not personally involved in the case. They can provide you with an objective view of the situation and advise you on the best decisions to make to safeguard your future.

They can help you save money in the long term in many cases

The decisions made during a mediation are legally binding once the divorce is finalized. Hiring an attorney may seem expensive right now but will save you a lot of money in the long term in many cases. A legal representative will help you make better decisions regarding division of property, child support and other financial matters. They can help you secure your financial future after divorce.

If you’re seeking a divorce, be sure to contact an experienced attorney to guide you through the process.