Divorce Mediation as a Healthier Alternative

Statistics indicate that at least 20 percent of all first marriages end in divorce within the first five years. By 20 years, 48 percent of all first marriages dissolve. Even though many divorces are complex, there are alternatives to litigation. To make the divorce process more bearable, many couples seek mediation.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is defined as the confidential process where couples meet with a trained mediator, who is not on either side of the divorce. The mediator may discuss parenting time and the children’s needs and concerns, and can assist in building a parenting plan to best meet the needs of everyone involved. Mediation is only available by court order.

Why is Mediation a Healthier Alternative?

Trying to work out a divorce individually can be very frustrating, which is why many couples go to either litigation or mediation to smooth out the divorce process. However, mediation has been proven to be more helpful for emotional satisfaction, spousal relationships, and the needs of the couple’s children, if applicable.

Divorce mediation helps avoid delays in the process and keeps costs low. All information in the mediation process is kept confidential to prevent negative publicity of either party. Positive long-term relationships may be improved with mediation, as all communication is done by the couple and the third-party mediator.

Additionally, emotions are often considered in the mediation process. In the courtroom, however, they are often ignored. When the couple involves a mediator, a greater satisfaction with the results of the case often results.

Mediation gives divorcing couples the best opportunity to take care of underlying issues and work things out to make for the smoothest divorce process possible. Today, more and more couples filing for divorce turn to mediation, as they see this option as a practical way to address their questions and concerns.

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The divorce process can have a financial and emotional toll on your life. Even though filing for divorce is not what anyone wants to spend time doing, there are ways to smooth the process to ensure that your best interests and concerns are top-priority.

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