Questions to Ask While Interviewing a Divorce Lawyer

Choosing the right divorce attorney can be difficult. Depending on where you live, you may have dozens of attorneys available to you, but which firm do you choose to work with? Most of the decision comes down to your specific divorce case, your budget, and your personal feelings.

If you and your spouse are willing to work together, consider seeking the help of an attorney trained in mediation or collaborative divorce. If you have a more complicated situation, such as one involving domestic violence or large assets, you need to seek the help of an attorney experienced at handling such delicate situations. While ultimately the decision will be up to you and your instincts, there are a few questions you can ask during your search for an attorney that may help you determine which firm to choose.

Can I Meet Your Team?

While you certainly want to get along with the specific attorney you choose to work with, you should also become familiar with the firm’s other staff members as well. These staff members will likely be interacting with you frequently throughout the divorce process, from helping your attorney prepare for your case, to informing you of court dates and important meetings. Remember, you will be sharing very personal information with not only your attorney, but the rest of his or her staff as well, so you need to feel comfortable with everyone involved.

Tell Me about Your Fees

Any respectable lawyer will be willing to be upfront and honest with you about their fees. Of course, the cost of divorce is different for each case, so you may not get a completely accurate answer, but any good lawyer should be willing to disclose a general estimate of the cost for you. Additionally, a qualified attorney should also be able to listen to the details of your case and alert you of any possible extra expenses that could make the process more costly for you. If, when meeting with attorneys, you run into a lawyer that is not upfront about their fees, or does not provide a satisfactory answer to your financial questions, consider seeking help elsewhere.

Do You Handle Different Types of Law?

If you live in a small town, your options may be limited, and you may only have access to lawyers that practice in a variety of different areas of law. While being well rounded is certainly a good quality, if possible, seek out attorneys that work primarily or solely on family law cases. This can help ensure that you are getting the most experienced lawyer available, and can provide peace of mind for you during the divorce process. Ask about the different types of divorce related cases the firm has handled. Bring up the specifics of your divorce, and base your decision on which attorney seems the most qualified to handle your unique situation. Just because a lawyer practices in other areas of law does not mean they are not a qualified lawyer for you, but as a general rule of thumb, the more practice someone has in one specific area, the better qualified they will be.

Once you have met with and interviewed a few potential candidates, wait for a while and see how your feelings develop. If you have a positive reaction towards one of the candidates, that is likely a sign that you should work with them. If any of the candidates made you more nervous or fearful of the process, you should probably look elsewhere.

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