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Domestic Violence and the Holidays

The holidays can be one of the most stressful times of the year. People spend significant amounts of money on gifts for their relatives and prepare for elaborate holiday events. Unfortunately, the holidays are not ideal for all families, as many suffer from domestic violence almost every day, even on Christmas and New Year’s Day.

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Are Orders of Protection Effective?

A Jacksonville, Illinois man was shot and killed recently, allegedly by the man’s ex-father-in-law. Around the time of the man’s divorce, he sought and obtained an order of protection against his ex-wife, claiming that he feared for his life after his ex-wife allegedly threatened him with a handgun. Before the man was killed, court records appeared to show the man’s ex-wife allegedly violating the order of protection several times. Unfortunately, this man’s tragic experience is not unique. Although orders of protection are meant to protect victims of abuse and stalking from further harm, oftentimes violations of these orders go unreported by the victim or courts do not take sufficiently aggressive measures to deter future abuse. This leaves one to ponder: what “teeth” do orders of protection have in Illinois?

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Reasons for Divorce: Knowing When Divorce is the Best Option for You

It can be overwhelming to think you might be facing the end of your marriage. When you took your vows, you promised to be together for the rest of your lives. But now, months, years or even decades later, you find yourself unable to relate to your partner and ultimately, unhappy in your marriage. You are not a failure. Your partner is not a failure. People change as they mature and sometimes, spouses make mistakes that break their marriages beyond repair. When you are at this point in your marriage, it is often healthiest for all parties involved for you to seek a divorce.

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Orders of Protection: Legal Protection When You Need It

If you are a victim of domestic violence or constant harassment from your current or former partner, you can obtain an order of protection to protect yourself from him or her. An order of protection is a court-ordered set of rules regarding how an individual may interact with the individual who sought the order. It is a criminal offense to violate this set of rules. If you feel that you need to file for an order of protection from your spouse or another member of your household, contact an experienced attorney to learn more about what such an order can and cannot do.

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