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Appealing a Family Court Decision

No lawyer or litigant likes to lose in court. This is especially true in divorce cases where a “losing” party can have his or her financial interests and/or parental rights adversely impacted. When this happens, the “losing” party – the one whose interests were adversely affected by the trial court’s decision – may be left wondering how such a terrible (relatively speaking) decision can be undone. Most individuals have heard the term “appeal” and know that an “appeal” can reverse a decision entered by an Illinois trial court. Can you appeal a trial court’s decision in a divorce or child custody case? More importantly, should you appeal a decision?

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Orders of Protection: Legal Protection When You Need It

If you are a victim of domestic violence or constant harassment from your current or former partner, you can obtain an order of protection to protect yourself from him or her. An order of protection is a court-ordered set of rules regarding how an individual may interact with the individual who sought the order. It is a criminal offense to violate this set of rules. If you feel that you need to file for an order of protection from your spouse or another member of your household, contact an experienced attorney to learn more about what such an order can and cannot do.

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Child Custody: Could You Handle Your Child Choosing Your Ex?

A family dealing with divorce must account for many considerations. The divorcing spouses need to decide who will keep the family home, which in turn decides who needs to find a new place. Property and assets must be divided equitably, and arrangements made regarding the children. When making decisions regarding child custody in Illinois, the court is expected to at least consider the wishes of the child as to which parent with whom they wish to live. For many divorced parents, it can be very difficult to find out that their child’s preference is the other parent.

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