Money Arguments Often Lead to Divorce

Money makes the world go round—and marriages. According to a recent Canadian survey found that “couples may be more willing to forgive a cheating spouse than to overlook money problems.” Trouble in relationships arises about disagreements in household finances, but the issue is even more devastating when it involves who is to blame when budgets go awry.

While women are joining men in the workforce in increasing numbers, more men still control financial decisions behind closed doors than women, according to the survey. The survey results show that 41 percent of men say they handle the finances in their relationship; while only 15 percent say it is their partner who is in charge of their money. Conversely, only 32 percent of women considered themselves the one calling the financial shots in their relationship.

This is not the first time that researchers have found that money problems in a relationship are indicators of eventual marital dissolution. In an interview, Dr. Sonya Britt, a professor of family studies at Kansas State University, said that “Arguments about money is by far the top predictor of divorce.” She conducted a study last year that found money arguments predicted divorce regardless of income level, debt, and net worth. She noted that it takes couples longer to recover from arguments about financial issues and that these money arguments are more intense than arguments about other issues a couple may have.

Money issues that lead to divorce are not the only financial concerns when considering divorce. Divorce can be costly, and it is imperative to ensure that all your finances are in order before beginning the proceeding.

If you are considering divorce in Illinois because of money issues or any other reason, the most important step is to counsel with an experienced family law attorney. Contact an experienced Wheaton family law attorney today.