Infidelity: Could Your Partner Be E-Cheating?

For married couples, few obstacles are more difficult to overcome than infidelity. A straying partner can destroy trust and cause deep seated resentment that takes years to heal, if it ever truly does. In many cases, a single instance of cheating is enough for one partner to seek a divorce, and in Illinois, adultery is considered legitimate grounds for divorce. What may be more difficult, though, is deciding what constitutes infidelity in your relationship and how to recognize the signs it may be happening to you.

Most couples acknowledge that cheating is not limited to physical behavior and may take many forms. Ever-increasing social media availability offers avenues of emotional intimacy that were not possible a generation ago. Text messaging and cell phones can allow an unfaithful partner to keep relationships hidden much more easily than ever before. However, when a partner strays emotionally, there may be some warning signs.

Texts at All Hours and Not Much Sharing

Millions of cell phone users may check their Facebook page or browse Pinterest before bed. A late night text message conversation your partner is reluctant to talk much about may signal cause for concern. Likewise, if your partner is regularly getting deeply involved in exchanging messages at any hour, it is possible that another relationship is brewing.

Quick to Grab and Hide

With so many means of electronic communications available, it is very common for an adulterous relationship to be carried on via cell phone or internet. To an extent, the “lipstick on the collar” cliche has been replaced in the digital age by text message conversations and Facebook chats. A cheating partner may try to hide the evidence by quickly closing browser windows when you walk by, or moving their phone repeatedly to keep you from seeing the screen. It is not unusual for a spouse with something to hide to become suspiciously protective of their mobile devices.

Abnormal Defensiveness

Most married couples are very familiar with one another’s moods, attitudes, and personalities. If one spouse suddenly begins acting differently, particularly in regard to internet and cell phone habits, there may be reason. Implications or accusations about your own social media use may be little more than an attempt to confuse your suspicions regarding their own behavior.

It is possible that a partner exhibiting some of these signs may not actually hiding an unfaithful relationship. However, the behaviors themselves still may indicate deeper issues regarding trust and communication. If you live in Illinois, and are considering a divorce on the grounds of infidelity, contact an experienced DuPage County family law attorney. We can provide the help you need to understand the law and your rights throughout the process.