Divorce Impact on Your Health

There is no reason to stay in an unhappy marriage. While deciding to divorce can be a difficult decision to make, leaving an unhealthy relationship can change your life for the better in so many ways.

Leaving a marriage does not make you weak, or a failure. In fact, according to statistics from the Bureau of Labor, 42 percent of all people married between the ages of 15 and 46 end up divorcing by age 46. If you are struggling with taking the first step towards leaving your unhealthy marriage, remind yourself you are not alone. Millions of people have faced the same difficult decision and have significantly improved their lives.

Just because divorce is common, however, does not mean it is easy. It is important to note that divorce can take a physical, emotional, and financial toll, and preparation ahead of time is vital for those about to initiate the divorce process. Divorce does have health impacts. While none of them should keep you from leaving an unhealthy relationship, it is important to understand how you may feel during and after your divorce..

Expect Anxiety

Even the easiest of divorces are stressful at times. Everyone who goes through a divorce has increased anxiety, so prepare to feel a little uncomfortable. According to the Mayo Clinic, major life events and changes lead to anxiety, and with divorce being one of the biggest life events a person can experience, some anxiety should come as no surprise. If the anxiety you experience prevents you from going about your daily life, or if you believe it is causing further health complications, it is important that you see a doctor or another medical professional.

Chances of Depression

People who divorce are at a higher risk of depression, but how likely you are to face depression mostly depends on your past mental health. A study conducted in 2013 by the Clinical Psychological Science journal explored how divorce can lead to depression, and the results showed that most people who face depression during divorce have experienced some type of depression previously in their lives. Of the study group, 60 percent of the subjects with a past of depression experienced another “depressive episode” at some point during or after their divorce. Only 10 percent of those without a past of depression developed depression due to their divorce.

Sleep Problems

Many divorcees report sleep problems both during and after their divorce. Stressful life events can make getting a good night’s sleep difficult, and while being a little tired is totally fine, serious sleep problems can have other health implications. A study conducted in 2014 found a connection between sleep problems affecting those who recently ended their marriage and a risky increase in blood pressure. The study found that after 10 weeks of sleep issues, blood pressure is impacted negatively, and the longer people suffer from sleep problems, the more likely they are to have blood pressure issues.

Risk of Heart Attack

According to a study conducted by a Duke University research team, divorce can impact your heart both emotionally and physically. Men who have had two or more divorces, the study found, are at an increased risk for heart attack and cardiovascular disease. Women, however, are at a higher risk after only one divorce. “The bottom line is that cardiovascular consequences of divorce [may be] much more drastic for women than they are for men,” says one researcher.

Divorce Is Scary, but You Will Feel Better

Do not let these health problems sway you from leaving an unhealthy relationship. Last April, a study on the long-term effects of divorce was published, and the findings are proof that for many, divorce is the best option. The study found that a significant majority of divorcees say they feel better mentally and physically by the time they are two years past their divorce.

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