Smartphone Apps Co-Parents Need to Know About

Co-parenting, or parenting after separation, is widely considered one of the best ways to keep a divorce as stress free as possible for the children involved. While the parent’s romantic relationship has ended, through co-parenting, parents are able to live their own lives while sharing the responsibility of parenting their children.

Co-parenting can be a wonderful arrangement, but it is not without it’s difficulties. How are you expected to parent with your ex if you can hardly stand being in the same room with them? Or having a conversation with them? With residual emotions like bitterness, anger, and regret leftover from your divorce, co-parenting can be extremely challenging. Fortunately, a slew of new apps designed for tablets and smartphones are helping divorced parents across the country simplify the co-parenting process. If you are struggling to parent with your ex, here are five useful apps you need to be using.

Google Calendar

Managing children from two different households can be difficult. While there are a number of calendar apps available, Google Calendar is still the preferred calendar app for co-parents. Juggling custody schedules and extracurricular activities is simplified through Google Calendar. Just share any schedule you create with your ex, have them do the same, and you will both always be on the same page.


Transporting children as a co-parent can be tough, especially if only one parent is available. For this reason, a group of mothers created a ride sharing app built specifically for parents. HopSkipDrive allows parents to set up safe and reliable transportation in situations where they themselves are not able to transport their children. Drivers for the app are required to pass a 15-point certification process that includes background checks, fingerprinting, and vehicle inspections. Parents are given a picture of each driver and their vehicle, so their children know who to expect is picking them up. Additionally, the app updates in real-time, allowing parents to view when their children are picked up, where they are on their route, and when they are dropped off safely.

Chore Monster

Another incredibly useful app for co-parents is Chore Monster, an app that turns doing household chores into a game. Through a computer, tablet, or smartphone, children can win electronic points through doing chores around the house, and use those points to win prizes that their parents build in. Chore Monster can be shared between two households, so co-parents can ensure their children have the same chore expectations at each parent’s house.


Many couples cite financial problems as a big reason behind their divorce, and money issues can complicate things between co-parents as well. Fortunately, an app called SplitWise can help co-parents simplify managing the costs of raising children. SplitWise allows both parents to enter their child related expenses and will send friendly reminder notifications when one parent owes the other. That can be much nicer than having a tense conversation with your ex over who paid more for little league.

Our Family Wizard

Our Family Wizard is an app designed for divorced and separated parents. Through Our Family Wizard, co-parents can communicate with each other, update schedules, and make child support payments. Some courts are now requiring that argumentative exes download and use this app to help simplify the co-parenting process.

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