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The Blended Family: A New Post-Divorce Dynamic

Following a divorce, many individuals are anxious to put their previous relationship behind them and move forward. For some, this may mean reestablishing themselves as a single person and dating casually. Others may find themselves in another serious romantic relationship and heading toward remarriage. As with many aspects of a post-divorce situation, remarriage can present an interesting combination of emotions and experiences to those involved, especially for children and divorced parents with any type of shared custody arrangement. These emotions can intensify with the prospect of blended family situations, as well.

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Expanding Your Family by Adoption

If you have ever considered adopting a child, you are not alone. This year, approximately 140,000 children will be adopted in the United States. This amounts to nearly 380 adoptions taking place every day. Current estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau report that there are 8.5 million adult and child adoptees living in America comprising about 2.5 percent of the population.

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