Expanding Your Family by Adoption

If you have ever considered adopting a child, you are not alone. This year, approximately 140,000 children will be adopted in the United States. This amounts to nearly 380 adoptions taking place every day. Current estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau report that there are 8.5 million adult and child adoptees living in America comprising about 2.5 percent of the population.

Adoptive parents choose to adopt for a multitude of reasons. Some have biological children of their own yet open their home to a child in need. Others have always hoped for children but are dealing with medical issues or infertility. Still others are single or in a same-sex relationship and are ready to start a family. Whatever the reasons may be, adoption is a courageous and loving choice made by a wide variety of people in an equally wide variety of situations.

Becoming an adoptive parent is not a simple undertaking, nor a decision to be made lightly. The process itself can be very difficult and take longer than anticipated. From the initial application, through a background investigation and home study, and frequently, a waiting list, prospective parents can potentially invest months or years navigating the system. The financial cost of the adoption process can also prove very significant, ranging from$5,000 to $40,000, some of which may be offset by grants, tax credits, or other forms of assistance.

State and private agencies can often help facilitate the adoption process for both domestic and international adoptions. Throughout the United States, the number of international adoptions has drastically declined over the last several decades, yet international adoptions in Illinois consistently remain among the highest in the country. Adoption can also be of tremendous benefit to families as they seek to thrive in a post-divorce or same-sex situation.

When provided the opportunity to thrive in an adoptive family, many adoptees have gone on to make significant contributions to the world around them. Former president Bill Clinton, former First Lady Nancy Reagan, musician Nat King Cole, author Edgar Allen Poe, and humanitarian Mother Teresa represent just a few of the millions of success stories made possible by adoptive families.

If you are thinking about adopting or have the decision to adopt in Illinois, contact an experienced Kane County family law attorney. You can rely on our experience to help you through the adoption process. By helping you provide the best possible life for your growing family, we look forward to being part of another adoption success story.