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Same Sex Marriage and Adoption in Illinois

The State of Illinois has since celebrated the legalization of same sex marriage, and have perceived many same sex couples to be great parents. Unfortunately, not enough same sex couples have stepped forward in considering fostering or adopting a child because of how they think they could be perceived by the child or children.

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Adopting an Older Child

When a couple makes the decision to adopt, it is both exciting and intimidating, especially if they elect to adopt an older child, as opposed to an infant. However, there are slightly different requirements to fulfill and more things to be aware of if adopting an older child, and it is important to be aware of what will be asked of you.

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Grandparent Rights in Illinois

It is no longer uncommon for grandparents to have physical custody and provide care for their grandchildren when the parents are undergoing difficult times. Most grandparents have significant and loving relationships with their grandchildren, and grandchildren develop similar relationships with their grandparents. As such, it may come as a shock when the parents indicate they wish to relinquish their parental rights and put their children up for adoption. What (if anything) can a grandparent do to maintain physical custody of their grandchildren if the parents wish for their children to be adopted?

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Child Custody: Relinquishing a Newborn and Terminating Parental Rights

Choosing to relinquish custody of an infant is not an easy decision. But the Abandoned Newborn Infant Protection Act makes that decision a little easier – at least regarding potential legal consequences. The act provides a mechanism for relinquishing a newborn to a safe environment without incurring civil or criminal liability. Moreover, the act allows the relinquishing parents to remain anonymous.

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Steps in the Adoption Process

Every year, many Illinois couples choose adoption as a means to grow their families. Under the Illinois Adoption Act, various laws exist to protect adopted children and their families. These laws regulate the five types of adoptions available to Illinois couples and the steps that a family must take to adopt a child.

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Adoption: Rights to Your Birth Certificate

If you were adopted or one of your parents was adopted, you might be interested in your biological relatives. Though you may love your adoptive parents or grandparents, there may be a question in the back of your mind regarding those to whom you are related. Or, you may wonder about your genes, family illness or history. You can find this out by requesting a copy of your original birth certificate, which may even put you in direct contact with biological parents, depending on their wishes.

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Adopting Children in Illinois

Lots of parents in Illinois choose to expand their families by adopting children. Every family has its own reason for choosing this route and for many, it is a deeply personal and often emotionally-charged decision. Adding a child to your family through adoption can be one of the most rewarding choices you will ever make, creating the parent-child bond that lasts a lifetime and changes a family forever.

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Adoption: Access to Nonidentifying Family and Medical History

Many people see their family doctor at least once per year, whether or not they have specific health concerns. The visit typically consists of a basic physical examination and discussion about health habits and risks. Individuals take into account many factors, including their family medical history, when making lifestyle choices regarding diet, exercise, smoking, and the consumption of alcohol. When a child is adopted, however, especially if the adoption occurs at or very near birth, the child’s family medical history may not be easily available.

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Expanding Your Family by Adoption

If you have ever considered adopting a child, you are not alone. This year, approximately 140,000 children will be adopted in the United States. This amounts to nearly 380 adoptions taking place every day. Current estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau report that there are 8.5 million adult and child adoptees living in America comprising about 2.5 percent of the population.

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Illinois Ranked Third Most Pro-Surrogate State

The modern, nuclear family has evolved as technology has allowed it to. The men and women who volunteer their genetic material, either as sperm and egg donors, or as surrogates, provide an incredible service to young couples, heterosexual and same-sex, who want to start their own family. These sperm and egg donors and surrogates act as non-traditional storks, providing an option to couples who may have been unable to conceive naturally, or through in-vitro fertilization, fertility drugs, and reproductive surgery, among others procedures. However, as seen in the news regarding the sperm donor required to pay child support, it is incredibly important that parents-to-be and their surrogates or donors outline the legal responsibilities and roles that each party will take on prior to the child’s conception.

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