Adopting Children in Illinois

Lots of parents in Illinois choose to expand their families by adopting children. Every family has its own reason for choosing this route and for many, it is a deeply personal and often emotionally-charged decision. Adding a child to your family through adoption can be one of the most rewarding choices you will ever make, creating the parent-child bond that lasts a lifetime and changes a family forever.

Adoption can be a complicated process. For Illinois couples, there are five different ways to complete the adoption process. If you are considering adopting a child, contact an experienced family attorney to learn more about the adoption process and find out what your legal rights and responsibilities are as an adoptive parent. He or she can explain the rules outline in the Illinois Adoption Act and guide you through the adoption process.

Types of Adoption Cases

Every adoption case is unique. Where the child resides prior to his or her adoption, whether the child’s birth parents arranged the adoption with his or her adoptive parents, and the level of involvement from an adoption agency all determine which type of case an individual adoption is classified as. The five types of adoption available to families in Illinois are as follows:

  • Agency Adoption. In this type of adoption, the child’s birth parents surrender him or  her to an agency, which then places the child with one of the approved families on its list. The agency may also provide support to all parties involved, such as counseling.
  • Private Adoption. With a private adoption, the child’s birth parents choose an adoptive family and work out the details of the adoption with an attorney. This is also sometimes known as an independent adoption.
  • Agency-Assisted Adoption. This type of adoption is a cross between a private and an agency adoption. Through an agency’s guidance, the child’s birth parents identify an adoptive family for their child and work out the necessary legal details to transfer his or her guardianship. As with traditional agency adoptions, both sets of parents may receive counseling and access to other resources through the agency.
  • Interstate Adoption. When an adoptive couple’s child resides in a different state than they do prior to the adoption, it is known as an interstate adoption. This type of adoption may be completed privately or through an agency and must comply with the regulations outlined in the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children.
  • International Adoption. When a child resides in a different country than his or her adoptive parents prior to the adoption, it is known as an international adoption. Individuals considering an international adoption must research the adoption laws of the country from which they wish to adopt – every country has different laws regarding who may adopt a child and how the adoption process must be completed.

Family Attorneys in DuPage County

To learn more about adoption cases and your legal rights and obligations as a prospective adoptive parent in Illinois, contact Abear Law Offices to discuss your case with one of our firm’s experienced Wheaton family attorneys.