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Adopting an Older Child

When a couple makes the decision to adopt, it is both exciting and intimidating, especially if they elect to adopt an older child, as opposed to an infant. However, there are slightly different requirements to fulfill and more things to be aware of if adopting an older child, and it is important to be aware of what will be asked of you.

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Adoption of a Stepchild in Illinois

Ending a committed relationship is always difficult, but when the relationship involves children, the emotions can be overwhelming. For parents, a breakup or divorce can feel like their world is crashing down around them. The excitement and happiness of a new relationship can be equally strong, and many divorced parents eventually decide to marry again. As the new family becomes accustomed to each other and their roles, the couple may elect to pursue a “related adoption” to grant legal parental rights to the step-parent.

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Adoption: Access to Nonidentifying Family and Medical History

Many people see their family doctor at least once per year, whether or not they have specific health concerns. The visit typically consists of a basic physical examination and discussion about health habits and risks. Individuals take into account many factors, including their family medical history, when making lifestyle choices regarding diet, exercise, smoking, and the consumption of alcohol. When a child is adopted, however, especially if the adoption occurs at or very near birth, the child’s family medical history may not be easily available.

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