Divorce Modification in Illinois

Any Illinois divorce is going to bring with it a well of emotions, most of which are unpleasant and can easily become physically and emotionally taxing. Unfortunately, these feelings can cause clouded judgment, which can become very problematic when dealing with a legal contract. Although use of an experienced Illinois divorce attorney can help to avert this problem, very often divorce decrees can need modification to assist one spouse or the other.

Though you will need the assistance of a lawyer for the best possible results, you certainly have the right to petition the court to modify your divorce contract. Generally, there must be circumstances that have drastically changed for a modification to be granted, but many reasons may qualify to have it changed.

A change in your initial divorce decree can be granted under the following very common circumstances:

  • Child custody and visitation: If one parent or the other has relocated either closer to the children or further away, visitation and custody orders can be modified. For example, if one parent now lives five minutes away rather than 45 minutes, this could be grounds to allow for more visitation due to less travel for the children.

  • Financial situation changes: In Illinois, alimony and child support is generally awarded based on the financial situation of both parties at the time of the divorce. Of course, this can change dramatically over time, and a decreased need for financial support can also mean an amended divorce agreement in some cases.

  • Social and medical issues: This occurs when one parent develops a serious condition after the original divorce contract was signed that impedes their ability to fulfill the original decree. In the case of a medical condition, a psychological disorder, or a substance abuse problem, custody and visitation – as well as alimony and child support – can be altered to benefit the children.

The above list is not a full list of all the reasons a divorce decree can be modified, as in the case of a consent issue when the original contract was signed. This makes it all the more important to hire an attorney who is well-versed in family law to guide you through the divorce modification process.

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