How to Apply for a Civil Union License

Applying for a civil union license is very similar to applying for a marriage license. Like marriage, both partners have to appear at the county clerk’s office and fill out an application with several questions listed. However, there are several differences that separate the two into different meanings.

How is Civil Union Different from Marriage?

A marriage is defined as being legally recognized as spouses in such contractual relationship. A civil union is defined as being legally recognized as partners with the same rights and responsibilities as married couples. If a couple is in a civil union, then they are not considered to be legally married.

How to Apply for a Civil Union License

Partners who would like to enter into a civil union must appear at the clerk’s office and provide proof of identity and age, as well as a $35 license fee, which can be paid in cash, check, or card.

Identification and proof of age can include a valid driver’s license, identification card issued by the state, passport, and military identification card.

Who Can Apply for a Civil Union License?

In order to qualify for a civil union license, both partners must be 18 years of age or older. Anyone living outside of Illinois must sign an affidavit showing proof that the state that he or she lives in allows civil unions to go into effect.

The clerk’s office must have knowledge of when and where a previous marriage or civil union ended, including date and location. Either partner must also provide a certified copy of a death record or dissolution decree if the marriage or civil union ended within six months.

Who is Not Allowed to Apply for a Civil Union License?

Anyone whose marriage or civil union has not been officially dissolved may not apply for a civil union license. Also, anyone who is directly related by half or whole blood to the other partner may not apply. Anyone who lives in a state where civil unions are not legalized may need not apply.

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