Cooperation Requirements for Child Support

Depending on how strong a relationship is between a father and a mother, the level of interaction between parents can greatly impact a child’s quality of life. Moreover, the addition of child support payments and other parental responsibilities can play a heavy toll on finances and emotions for both the affected parents and the child.

What is Child Support Enforcement?

Child support enforcement is defined as a clarification with regard to who must be responsible and cooperative with child support enforcement activities. The Department of Public Aid’s Division of Child Support Enforcement in Illinois provides services for children receiving cash or medical benefits and therefore clarifies who is required to cooperate with child support and such activities.

If an applicant is not required to cooperate, then he or she may request DCSE services. In order to proceed, the applicant must complete the child support application. DCSE will close the case if the applicant who is not required to cooperate requests such services and ultimately fails to comply.

Cooperation Factors and Consequences of Failure to Cooperate

A custodial parent may be required to cooperate in establishing paternity for a child, obtaining medical support payments for a child, sending DPA any child support received after TANF or AABD cash has been approved, or signing an attestation that indicates that all information is correct.

Any custodial parent who refuses to cooperate with child support enforcement requirements will no longer be eligible for TANF or medical benefits.

A Notice of Failure to Cooperate will be sent to a local office, if the custodial parent fails to cooperate with child support enforcement activities. The local office staff will follow up with the parent to make sure that the right case action will be taken on the parent.

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Having a child comes with big responsibilities and obtaining or paying child support may present significant hurdles. However, parents need to understand the guidelines and cooperate in an appropriate manner.

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