Domestic Violence Statistics in Illinois

Being the victim of domestic violence is one of the worst situations a person can experience. Hence, it is essential that domestic violence victims, and those with loved ones affected by domestic violence, be aware of available support systems in his or her geographical location.

What Constitutes as Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence exists in many forms, and the frequency and severity of the violence varyies drastically. Several examples of domestic violence include:

  • Intimidation;
  • Physical and sexual assault;
  • Battery;
  • Physical and sexual violence;
  • Threats;
  • Emotional abuse; and
  • Other abusive behavior.

Domestic Violence Statistics

In 2014, approximately 66,000 domestic violence incidents were reported to Illinois law enforcement. Unfortunately, several incidents go unreported. Between 2013 and 2014, Illinois recorded 84 deaths related to domestic violence, with 15 incidents including children. A little over 25 percent of domestic violence deaths involved firearms.

Domestic Violence and Firearms

In Illinois, anyone who is convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence or stalking cannot own a firearm. Abusers who may be subject to temporary protective orders are also not allowed to own a firearm.

Additionally, the State of Illinois emphasizes that anyone desiring to purchase a firearm is required to go through and pass a background check to obtain a permit.

There is Always Help Available to You

The Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence notes several services available at domestic violence agencies which include the following:

  • Emergency shelter;
  • Counseling, therapy, and support groups;
  • Legal advocacy; and
  • Relationship rebuilding.

In 2014, 95 percent of domestic violence survivors knew about community resources. Ninety-seven percent of survivors knew more ways to plan for their safety from domestic violence, and 97 percent knew their legal rights. Ninety-six percent knew how to support their children and themselves from an abuser or stalker. Lastly, 98 percent indicated that they knew how to report violations of their protection orders.

In the same year, 94 percent of child witnesses knew at least two things to do if they ever felt unsafe, and 88 percent knew that domestic violence was not their fault.

Contact Your DuPage County Family Law Attorney

Domestic violence is very a serious issue that should be addressed promptly. For immediate assistance, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233). Then, speak with an attorney about your situation.

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