Young Adults and Divorcing Parents

There is a common misconception that children over the age of 18 are emotionally stable enough to handle the divorce of their parents. Even though young adults can process thoughts more rationally than younger children, the divorce process can still take a negative toll on a young adult’s life.

Depending on how a young adult handles massive changes, he or she may either openly accept the life change or withdraw from friends and family and act out.

Impact of Divorce on a Young Adult

Divorce can greatly affect a young adult emotionally, especially with regard to the celebration of holidays and birthdays. When a child is used to sharing these events with both parents, in the family home, he or she may experience anxiety and depression when celebrations near and he or she must decide how to split his or her time with each parent.

Additionally, due to the timing of the divorce process, the young adult may find himself or herself questioning his or her own relationships and whether or not marriage and starting a family is even an option. Worse, he or she may even completely resent the idea of getting into a serious relationship altogether.

How Can Divorcing Parents Console a Young Adult Child?

There are several ways for divorcing parents to console their children, such as embracing healthy boundaries. It is important for divorcing parents to be open about their reasons to file for divorce. However, parents should not burden their children with personal details or ask their children to take sides. Picking sides is not a good practice—the end result can be painful for all involved.

For the divorce to go as smoothly as possible, it is best for a young adult to not play parent, mediator, or friend. The young adult should not give into the temptation to offer advice to either parent about how to handle the divorce process, as it is not his or her job to do so.

Finally, if a young adult makes the step to see a therapist regarding his or her struggles on the divorce of his or her parents, he or she may be treated in the same manner as a young adult going through any other loss, depression, or anxiety. The divorce of one’s parents is an emotional process that can take time from which to heal.

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