How to Apply for Domestic Partnerships and Civil Unions

There is a lot of information that many people may not be aware of with regard to domestic partnerships and civil unions. In order to file for a civil union partnership certificate, depending on the living situation, one needs to thoroughly understand the process. One also needs to know how to apply for a domestic partnership, depending on his or her circumstances.

What is the Difference Between a Domestic Partnership and a Civil Union?

A civil union is defined as a marriage between two people of the same gender or a similar legal relationship other than marriage.

A domestic partnership is defined as the interpersonal relationship between two people who share a living space and lifestyle, but are not married.

What are the Requirements for a Civil Union?

There are some requirements for a couple to enter a civil union. However, there is no residency requirement for a couple to enter into a civil union in the state of Illinois.

Anyone who is of the same or opposite gender can apply for a civil union certificate, as long as each member of the couple is at least 18 years of age, not married or in another civil union or domestic partnership, and not closely related to each other by blood or adoption.

Civil union partners are eligible for the same health, vision, prescription, behavioral health, dental, and life insurance coverage options as a married couple. The children of a civil union partnership are also eligible for the same type of coverage.

Domestic partners are eligible for health, vision, prescription, behavioral health, and dental coverage. However, the couple and their children are not eligible for life insurance coverage.

In a civil union, each partner’s child or children can be added to the group insurance coverage if the dependent’s eligibility criteria are met. Any member of the civil union can also request spouse and child life coverage.

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