Guardian ad Litem in Illinois

There are several situations when a divorce may cause a child or children to worry—children who may unfortunately be involved in the divorce process. When this is the case, the parents filing for divorce may not be able to come up with an ideal solution in the child’s or children’s best interests. If this situation arises, the parents may need to bring in another authorized person to assist in making decisions during the divorce process.

What is a Guardian ad Litem?

A guardian ad litem is a person appointed by the court to investigate what would be in a child’s best interest. “Ad Litem” is a Latin term that means “for the lawsuit.” The guardian ad litem is a guardian for the lawsuit appointed to act in court on behalf of a minor child.

The Process of Appointing a Guardian Ad Litem

In order to represent the child, the Guardian ad litem must testify in court in regards to his or her recommendations for the interest of the child. This person may be called in for a cross examination for his or her recommendations regarding the child, and may investigate and interview the child and other parties to determine the child’s interests and work favorably toward them.

When the guardian ad litem is appointed to represent the child, the court will determine appropriate fees for the representation. The guardian ad litem must file with the court no more than 90 days of his or her representation for the child. For every following 90 day period appointment, the guardian ad litem must produce a detailed invoice for services with a copy being sent to each party involved.

Once the invoice and fees are approved by the court, both parents involved in the divorce process, any other party or source, marital estate, or child’s separate estate must pay the appropriate fees.

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