Change of Marriage Statistics in the 2010’s

Marriage has been considered a monumental rite of passage for many decades. Yet despite couples marrying each year, no matter the age, the number of marriages in general has declined.

Some people are breaking away from social norms and opt to cohabit, while others have not yet met “the one” and are focused on their careers. In theory, there are a lot of differing opinions on the idea of marriage and its effect on others.

Marriage Statistics from 2010-2013

In 2010, there were 30,199 recorded marriages in Cook County. One year later, there was a slight increase of 100 additional recorded marriages. In the year 2012, there were 30,866 recorded marriages. However, there was a sharp decrease of recorded marriages in 2013—a total of 27,967 marriages were recorded.

In DuPage County, the numbers stayed relatively stagnant. In the year 2010, there were 4,650 recorded marriages. Compared to Cook County, DuPage County is proportionately smaller in terms of population. In 2011, DuPage County recorded a total of 4,803 marriages—an increase of approximately 150 marriages. One year later, DuPage County experienced the same number of recorded marriages. However, in 2013, the number of marriages decreased to 4,611 altogether.

Kane County is even smaller than DuPage County. In 2010, this county recorded a total of 2,699 marriages. In 2011, there was an increase in recorded marriages by almost 200 altogether. One year later, there were 50 fewer recorded marriages, with a total of 2,816 marriages. In 2013, there were even less recorded marriages—a total of 2,722 altogether.

As of yet, no data or statistics have been listed for the years following 2013.

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The decision to get married is major event in a person’s life—a decision that one wants to ensure is right and that he or she is marrying the most compatible person possible. However, there are many factors to first consider prior to a couple’s big day. Should you enter into a prenuptial agreement? Do you have a business of which you would like to protect its interests prior to marriage? Or, are you and your significant other considering cohabitation only?

At Abear Law Offices, we understand there are a lot of requirements to be successfully completed before a marriage can go into effect, and marriage may not be for every couple. Whichever step is taken—marriage or cohabitation—we can help you every step of the way.

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