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Change of Marriage Statistics in the 2010’s

Marriage has been considered a monumental rite of passage for many decades. Yet despite couples marrying each year, no matter the age, the number of marriages in general has declined.

Some people are breaking away from social norms and opt to cohabit, while others have not yet met “the one” and are focused on their careers. In theory, there are a lot of differing opinions on the idea of marriage and its effect on others.

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Living With a New Partner Could Affect Your Spousal Support

If you are receiving payments of alimony—also known as maintenance or spousal support—you have probably come to rely on those payments to improve your quality of life. Assuming the maintenance was ordered by the court and not the result of an agreement between you and your spouse, the existing order also means that the court determined that the support was appropriate to help offset the financial impact of your divorce. In most cases, maintenance orders are intended to last for a predetermined amount of time, but there are some events that could cause your order to be terminated ahead of schedule.

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Study Reveals Young Americans Less Accepting of Divorce

Every so often, the US government surveys thousands of teenagers and young adults, gathering their opinions on changes to American family life. They ask respondents for their thoughts on a number of matters including single parenting, cohabitation, gay marriage, and divorce. This year’s data, released recently by the National Center for Health Statistics, may surprise people. While younger Americans are becoming increasingly more accepting of gay relationships, single parenting, and cohabitation before marriage, they are less accepting of divorce when compared to past generations. Divorce has become more common with each new generation of Americans, and now around half of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. Why this sudden shift in opinion?

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Cohabitation: What Are My Rights?

It has become very popular in recent years for unmarried couples to live together. This is known as cohabitation. Some cohabitating couples opt to get married after living together for a few years. Others choose to end their relationships and move on separately, which can create confusion about personal property and its division among unmarried partners.

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